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Purpose Chasers Podcast

May 22, 2020

Have you ever felt resistant to making money? Maybe you have self-limiting beliefs around the idea of money and how to receive it. But what if we were able to develop a healthy relationship around money while simultaneously claiming and owning our self worth? Today’s guest helps walk us through how to overcome these self-limiting beliefs and how to truly feel empowered to earn the money we deserve. 


In today’s episode, I am talking with The Financial Emotional Intelligence Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author, Anne Beaulieu. Anne originally started her career as a Finance Economist and Chartered Financial Analyst. But like many successful people, she felt like something was missing. Through her commitment to deep mentoring and EQ training, she has been able to deliver the self-awareness skills, tools, and strategies we need to shift our money beliefs to get out of our own way. She is also the Founder of Femme Sauvage, the heart of money matters.

Topics Discussed:


  • How to overcome self-loathing through compassion
  • Becoming action-driven through heartache and pain
  • How to claim and own your self-worth
  • The TWO ingredients for empathy 
  • How to truly grow money and enjoy it 



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