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Purpose Chasers Podcast

May 19, 2020

Each month, we are highlighting different members from our community as well as the Purpose Chasers Academy to reflect on each member’s growth and how they are achieving their greatest goals and dreams. Each of these community highlights is a direct conversation from our Facebook lives. 

This week, I am sitting with Russell Beebe, Therapist, Addiction Specialist, and Life & Wellness Coach as we dive into what it means to truly step out of your comfort zone. Russell shares with us his self-limiting beliefs and he overcame them by taking action towards his calling. Once he was able to claim ownership over his life, he was able to create endless opportunities for himself.


Listen in and be inspired by Russell’s story and start taking action today!

Topics Discussed

  • How showing up for yourself opens endless possibilities

  • Getting out of your comfort zone to pursue your calling

  • Taking action and claiming ownership of your life 

  • Why you have to create opportunities for yourself


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